Benefits of KICKBOXING


From the beginner to advanced- Our individualized training programs make
Kickboxing the best place to learn how to move well, get strong, look great, and energize your life.

    KICKBOXING Bellport

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    Fit Studio

    Kickboxing at Fit Studio is the ideal place to start if you’ve ever wanted to attend a 1 on 1 kickboxing session in New York but were put off by the intensity of the workout! The instructors can assist you in customizing the movements to your current level of fitness. No matter your level of experience with kickboxing, you’ll benefit from your workout with our intense kickboxing sessions. Not only will you burn calories quickly, but your general physical health will also improve and you’ll start to feel like a warrior.

    Why Enroll in a Kickboxing Course?

    Kickboxing is going to

    • Burn hundreds of calories
    • Elevate your heart rate
    • Tone your muscles
    • Improve your flexibility
    • Improve your coordination
    • And boost your confidence!

    Are you ready to feel amazing?  Just fillout our form or call us today to join our Kickboxing program!

    Hire A Trainer 2X a Week and Clubfit Membership is free

    Buddy sessions are available for an additional $10 per session per person.

    Jumpstart Special

    (4) 30 Min Personal Training Sessions For


    First Time training Client Only.

    By Appointment only


    Karate: The martial art of karate has its roots in Japan. It developed into sport karate in the US, including American boxing and training methods as well as a ring structure.


    Kickboxing: Kickboxing is a fighting method that combines boxing and karate-style kicks. Timed rounds, a combat ring, and conditioning techniques are common in the structure and training.

    • Fit Studio does 1 on 1 training , small private groups and also the kickboxing Fitness classes
    • We have drop in rates for kickboxing and unlimited monthly also
    • The initial offer remains the same though for PT.

    Our Onsite Wellness Center Also Includes Revive Services


    • We are leaders in regenerative medicine
      and anti-aging methods.


    • Our services range from IV fusion therapy to hormone optimization and everything in between.


    • Stop with the guesswork and try our services to get the most optimized program for you!